Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Favorite Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas decorations! I try really hard to have sentimental decorations, ones I've had for years and most of my tree ornaments are ones my mom made when we were babies or my great grandma crocheted! I love these because Christmas for me is all about traditions, so to use decorations that mean something to me is the best! Some of my favorite things this year:

I ALWAYS love seeing everyone's cards and displaying them somewhere we can see them all the time!

A live wreath is awesome, smells so good! And I loved hanging these bells on the doorknob, and hearing them jingle every time the door opened and closed! So merry!

I've had this Christmas village since before I got married, it goes up every year.

My mom collects nativities and has some amazing ones, she found this one and gave it to me. I love that it has a little drummer boy, so cute!

And the reason I love Christmas the most: making it special for the kids! haha