Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween Contest!

Hello friends! I haven't posted for awhile but thats because I was busy enjoying the summer and then school started and everything has just been CRAZY! But I'm hopefully getting into a groove and will be back to blogging! Phew!

So anyway, I just wanted to share about a halloween makeup contest. I don't want you guys to enter because I would like to win, but its part of the rules to blog about it so I am. ;)

I'm going to enter a few pictures from past years, but this has totally motivated me to try out some idea's I haven't done yet. I'm just gonna sit around my house looking all crazy--BUT hopefully I'll win so it'll be all good.

Anyway, you can read about the contest here: Classy Cosmetics

Isn't Halloween the best?! I LOVE IT!

Me as a deer last year (my husband was Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty! haha)

And the year before we went as a ventriloquist and his dummy! So much fun!