Thursday, February 26, 2015

Life Happens

Wow. What a loser I've been! I've been wanting to do a bunch of projects but haven't finished anything for awhile...womp womp.

The previous owners of our house converted the garage into a finished bonus room. For the last two years, we've basically used it like a garage anyway, because if you don't have a garage what the heck do you do with your crap?? Well, thats been the project. I've been going through the back room trying to organize it and make it into some all purpose kids playroom, craft room, tv room, storage area without it looking ridiculous. At this point, it still looks kind of ridiculous...BUT it at least doesn't look like a garage anymore. Seriously, it was baaaaaad.


Look at all that crap!! It got to the point where my kids would just throw stuff in there and shut the door really fast (kids/me whatever)...

Anyway, I've been working like crazy to get rid of stuff and organize and make it a space my kids and our family can use BUT its still not there. I have a few big furniture items I need to get rid off and its one of those things that I just don't think about on a daily basis. Because I'm lazy. ACTUALLY, theres another reason things have gone on hold for projects: his name is Blitz.

We got a puppy!
And as cute as he is and as much as I love him--that dog is rocking my world! Its like a mix of having a newborn who doesn't sleep but whines and howls all night and a toddler who doesn't want to potty train but instead pees and poops all over your floor, and a teething baby with alligator teeth that instead of just gnawing on stuff decides to chew the legs of your antique piano...
He's lucky he's cute.

So anyway, hopefully soon I'll get back into my projects and will have something to update with! But for now, please wish me luck! ;)