Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Plates on the WALL?

Kitchen time!

This is just something that I think is fun to spice up your kitchen walls. Luckily for me, this project was totally free because my mom gave me every single one of those plates. Plus I had the wire and felt on hand.

First I just took copy paper and traced around each plate I wanted to use, I then taped them up on the wall and played around until I liked it.

  Then I took some wire I already had and twisted it in a hook like this in the amount of plates I had.

                                  And cut pieces of felt for each plate as well.

      Then out came the glue gun and each piece of wire and felt was attached to the back of a plate.

 Then all I had to do was leave the papers on the wall, and nail right where I wanted them, ripping the paper off after the nail was already there. Pretty simple. I wasn't worried about gluing things to the plates because I was never going to use them for eating. I wouldn't use this method on your fine china or plates from your great-great grandma.

                                          Finished look :)

You can find cheap china plates at your local thrift store and make this a fairly cheap project with a big impact! Mine are monochromatic, but I think all different colors is beautiful too!

Some examples:


What do you think, are plates on the wall too old lady for you? Or do you love old lady things like I do? haha

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  1. that looks great! I have a few plates I think about interspersing in my gallery wall, but right now it's just ideas. this is good inspiration!

  2. also your header about being minty and cottagey is hilarious.

    1. haha thanks! Glad it made you laugh! :)