Monday, January 27, 2014

Introducing the Kitchen

I've been working in my kitchen a LOT lately. Its a very 80's small outdated kitchen. While it could be a lot worse, it definitely isn't my dream kitchen. :) But it isn't in our budget to redo...well pretty much anything. I mean, this is going to have to be a cheap, super cheap update.

I'm going to do this in a lot of different posts until I can show you the total transformation (because its not done yet...) and for now, we'll just start with something easy: introducing you to the kitchen.

The kitchen is a galley style kitchen, which means basically its small, and has cabinets on either side of a little aisle type thing...does that make sense? A lot of kitchens are open, or have a 'working triangle', mine does not. It has a dining area off one side, and a sort of nook off the other. Here's some pictures for reference:

                       These two pictures above face each other--right and left side of the kitchen.

                                        This is the little nook area.

Dining room, obviously.

           This shows a little of where I'm starting now, basically I've painted the walls:

I wish the pictures did that red justice. It was truly ugly. It wasn't just a deep red, it had a very purple/wine tint to it and was just so dark and unhappy. And I love red usually, but no. It just didn't work and I couldn't believe how big a difference just putting white in there did!

Okay, I'll be back soon to show you more soon!

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