Friday, November 2, 2012

The Painting of The Girls' Room

What an adventure its been trying to get this house put together! It seems the same problem keeps happening: I think a project will only take so long, and I really should just double it. ;)

I've been working on the girls room for a while now and have run into a few hiccups. First up, I decided not to prime over the light turquoise walls. My thinking was that the white paint had covered the darker turquoise in the boys room, and since I was doing yellow, it would cover easier right??


What really happened was that it took four coats and the entire gallon of paint to cover three walls (basically two because one wall is just around the closet, not hardly any wall to cover). I would start painting and it would look like it was covering so well and as it started to dry, the turquoise and the yellow would blend into a weird greenish yellow. :/

Finally I went out and bought another gallon of paint, this time a lighter yellow. I had picked out a sort of mustardy yellow and I wasn't loving it. This time I got more of a butter yellow and I think its perfect!

Here's the before, and aaallll that minty color. Once again, the old owners decided to paint EVERYTHING, including the baseboards, the windowsill, inside the closet, even the closet ceiling! What fun they were!! *strong sarcasm here*

Here's the start of the yellow:

Here's after the new yellow gets going:

The last wall I wanted to do something fun for, and decided on stripes. So I got smart and used primer for that one! haha Then I did a coat of regular white and then I started measuring. I wanted the wall split up in three sections, so I measured the wall, did the math and made three vertical lines. Then I measured the height of the wall and split up how wide I wanted my stripes to be. I decided on three inch stripes, so I made little tick marks every three inches all the way up the lines I originally did.

Then I started taping, I just laid one end of the tape on a mark, pulled it tight and lined it up with the mark at the other end, then pushed it all down flat (if that makes sense?). The lines are definitely not perfectly straight but I don't think its noticeable at all. Especially once there's furniture and pictures on the wall it will be even less.

 (this is where I ran out of tape.) (the little white lines are where my tape isn't quite wide enough to go the full three inches, why do they make tape 1.4 inches wide? Thats dumb.)

Here's the gray going on. Did two coats of that.

And here it is with the tape all off:

See I don't think its that easy to tell if any lines aren't perfectly straight! But I think it looks so fun! What do you think? Would you take on a stripe wall?

 Can't wait to show you the finished room! Yay!

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