Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just a Little Something Extra

My father in law gave me his old desk and the lamp he used for it. I haven't finished painting the desk yet, but I did make a change to the lamp.

Obviously I'm new to blogging my "process" because I forgot to take a before picture. :)

Here's after I started painting it:

Here's the base of it so you can see it was just a tan metal, kind of scratched up:

One coat on the top--I didn't even sand this. Its not going to be touched a lot, I'm not worried about the paint getting scraped off. Maybe if I get sick of the color it will be good and the paint can come off easily! haha

It took about three light coats to really cover it, super easy. I thought it really added something extra fun to paint it turquoise. Honestly I love it!

See you can get something from the thrift store or something old laying around in your parents basement and make it into your own awesome lamp no one else in the world has! :)

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