Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quick and Easy

Our "entertainment center" is a bookshelf type table from Ikea. We got it so long ago that they don't even sell it now. :/

Its kind of like this though:

Except all the squares are even instead of small on top. You get the point. 

Anyway, if you can tell from that, its an open back and that means when we hook up all our tv and dvd and surround sound and all that junk, there's a lot of wires going on.

Previously my solution was to tape all the wires going down the back along one of the shelf pieces so you hopefully couldn't see it. I got a lot of the wires that way, but there were still a few that just couldn't be tamed:

                                                                     See?! So annoying. 

It was making me kind of crazy and one day an idea just popped right into my wittle head! I ran out to the store and bought some poster board and a gold paint pen and came home and got to work! I used three full poster boards (luckily, standing tall side, they fit exactly into the spot! I didn't measure because I like to wing things and hope they work out.) plus one little strip of a fourth poster. (Oh, and by poster board, I don't mean thick foam board. I mean a measly flimsy piece of paper thats big--I'm cheap.) And I used up one whole paint pen and then about half of another. 

So I just grabbed one of my kids old cups and started making polka dots. I didn't measure them out perfectly, I just eyeballed it. I didn't think it would really matter if they were perfect, especially since I have decorations in the cubbies that would break up the pattern anyway. I suppose if you're a really big perfectionist it might bother you, so do this according to how well you'll be able to sleep at night. :)

This is the cup I used--little mermaid!

Are you ready for the after!?

I super love it, its amazing how much interest and fun it creates!

Here's a few different shots to give you a better look, enjoy!

                                                         (haha crooked pictures...oops!)

Instead of having to deal with ugly wires OR buying a whole new stand, this project cost me maybe $5-10. What do you think, do you have something you can do this on? :)

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