Thursday, October 17, 2013

Family Photos

Isn't it fun to get new family pictures?! Well, the process isn't always the best but getting them and seeing them is pretty great! :)

I like to do photography on the side, its one of those things that feels like instant gratification. I used to love to paint and draw but having four kids isn't really conducive to painting! haha But now, I can take out a camera and click: instant art! Anyway, the point of this is that sometimes it's hard for me to want to pay people for pictures because I know how to do it and have the equipment and all that. So my cousin asked me to take some pictures of them at the pumpkin patch and would take some pictures of us there as well. Win/win and done.

                                                             Gotta do a funny one right?!

My kids weren't really feeling the pumpkin patch, so we went home and took a few more individual pictures in the backyard. Its really nice that my oldest is getting to the point where I can explain what I want her to do and things turn out pretty well--most of the time! ;)

I don't know about you but since I'm the "photographer" for most things there are rarely any pictures of me! Sometimes I wonder if my kids will be sad when I'm old because there aren't any pictures of their mom! ;) So I had my husband take a few pictures of just me--which is difficult because the man has no concept of crop or how to put someone in the center of a picture! haha

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