Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Little Details

I think the little details are what make decorating special and all yours. I love collections and just happen to have a few kitchen related collections! For about five years now I've collected antique rolling pins, I LOVE them! I finally decided on how to display them and looked high and low for a wine rack that would work. I could not find ANYTHING! So I finally ended up ordering a towel rack off of Amazon for around $35. More than I wanted to pay but it was exactly what I wanted.

The only two pins that aren't antiques are the top two little ones, they're just children's pins and I got them especially to fit on the rack. :)
I also was given by my grandma her spoon collection. I have such great memories of playing with these spoons and admiring them when I was young, and now my kids do the same! Its too fun! I decided to keep the original wood on the display rack as opposed to painting it because there is so little wood left around my house, most things get painted! So I wanted to keep some wood tones around.
I also love to collect cake plates, pitchers and candy dishes--my mom gave me a cute curio cabinet to store them in:
These things make my home personal to me and so much more special, I can't tell you how often I stand by those spoons looking at them and re-arranging them and admiring them! haha (My husband thinks I'm weird...)

Whats personal in your home? Do you collect anything?

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