Friday, April 11, 2014

Lumberjack Glam!

For my birthday this year I really wanted to throw a fun dress up party! I LOOOVE themed parties, last year for my 30th birthday we did a Great Gatsby theme--so much fun!
My sister and I ;)
                            My sweet friend who looked so dang cute!
I had a tutorial going to teach us the Charleston

So this year, after seeing the awesome pictures from the Glam Lumberjack Jam in Utah I decided I HAD to do it too! Just too much fun!

We had themed food to go along with it, things like sausage and flap jacks and bacon maple cupcakes--and of course lots and lots of treats!

We played games like this one--you have to pick the box up with your mouth without touching the ground with her hands or anything else, the box gets progressively shorter--very funny!

 We also had a campfire outside to roast marshmallows, I love fun parties!!

What about you? Are you a dress up kind of gal or do you hate it?! :)

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